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What Should the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata Do?

written by Interior Design Expert @ Patina Design August 25, 2017
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A lot of customers come to us complaining that their past experience with interior designers were not satisfactory. We do feel that their money were not justifiably utilized during the design or execution phase.

Best Interior Designer in Kolkata – Patina Design

An interior designer is professionally trained in order to create a functional, as well as quality interior environment that is associated with the challenges within the designated space.

The interior designer is not only associated with the work of focusing on decoration, but also understanding and building of codes and can provide the illustrations and renderings.

Not only that, they can help the homeowner in deciding the ultimate goals with the space. In a nutshell, the interior designer works as the mentor and guide to the client.

How Does the best Interior Designer in Kolkata Work?

The overall working process with a good professional interior designer is basically associated with an interview process that helps to identify the client’s needs and requirements within the home space.

The initial meeting enables the home owner in order to identify the priorities as well as helps to determine if there is a good partnership between the home owner and interior designer.

After the determination of the scope of the project, the interior designer can work along with the home owner in order to determine best methods for working together.

As an example, some clients want to become a vital part of the entire process (from choosing all options to going shopping), on the other hand, some clients prefer that the interior designer narrows down the options as well as only provides a small sampling selection.

It means that it completely depends on the client in order to determine how the interior designer plays a role in the overall project or process.

The interior designers basically plans, designs and coordinates the renovation or creation of the spaces in which the client is living or working.

A skilled, experienced and good interior designer in Kolkata is able to produce an interior that is personalized to their client’s taste and requirements as well as serves the functional purpose.

An interior designer considers various elements, such as safety, comfort, traffic flow, and style in their designs. Their goal is to achieve a truly personal space that is perfect for the clients.

Daily tasks of the Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

The day-to- day tasks of an interior designer are as follows:

  • They perform meeting with the clients and other tradespeople, like builders or architects in order to discuss the requirements of the client.
  • They develop the designs as per a brief that is appealing, functional, and appropriate for space.
  • They use design software (such as AutoCAD) in order to create models and visuals.
  • They research and prepare plans, sketches, and diagrams for the interior constructions, finishes, materials, lighting, and furnishing.
  • They select suppliers of materials and labour.
  • They estimate costs as well as submit quotes for the client approval.

What is the Role of a Great Interior Designer in Achieving Your Dreams of a Superb Interior?

A good interior designer will play many vital roles in ensuring that you are a proud owner of the interior that her or she has designed. Some of them are listed as below:

Identifying and responding to various design opportunities

The interior designers identify the various design scopes as well as respond to them accordingly.

Focusing on the big picture as much as the details

Designing means understanding a problem or goal clearly and properly. Then testing of the solutions should be performed
as well as they refine the options in order to find out the most appropriate solution.

A good interior designer balances the detail as well as still maintaining their eyes on the big picture. Perfection is a collection of small things that should be done really well.

Requirements analysis

A good interior designer in Kolkata should be able to properly analyze the requirements, needs, and expectations of the clients.

The interior designer always checks for what is good for space, room, or overall the house.

An interior designer evaluates as well as designs interior living and work spaces in order to make them appealing, functional, and well-suited to an owner’s needs.

They must create decorative layouts for homes, medical facilities, office complexes, restaurants, places of worship, stores, airports, and hotels. Their job is associated with creating color palettes, accessorizing the space with fabrics, window treatments, wall hangings, light fixtures, and flooring, as well as selecting appropriate furniture.

An interior designer should communicate effectively with the clients in order to make sure the design matches the owner’s style and purpose.

Important Responsibilities of a Good Interior Designer in Kolkata

The primary responsibilities of a good interior designer in Kolkata are as follows:

Meet with Clients

One of the main responsibilities of an interior designer is meeting with the clients for discussing the appropriate decorating needs, the functionality and room layout plans of a room or building.

They effectively communication with the client to understand the needs and goals of the project.

Some of the clients are involved with a thorough understanding of their requirements and some of the clients are looking for suggestion as well as advice in order to help them in order to create a stylish space.

The interior designers perform their communication during on-site meetings so that both the parties involved can properly and easily visualize the space, and they can discuss materials, colors, patterns, fabrics, and furnishings.

Plan the Space

After visualizing the living or working space and understanding the owner’s intentions, the interior designers have to make a proper plan in order to design and decorate the area.

An interior designer is regarded more than an interior decorator. The role of an interior designer is involved in mapping out the particular space for determining the location of furniture and as a whole, the overall room design, for example.

Basically, the interior designers use various design software for analyzing the square footage and for creating efficient layouts.

Purchase Furnishings

An interior designer purchases furnishings, as well as he/she, schedules delivery and coordinates installation. The owner is responsible for the cost involved with the purchases and services and the interior designers are responsible for the legwork that is essential to get the items ordered.

A vital responsibility is involved with taking the measurements in order to make sure that the appliances, work desks,
light fixtures, decorative furnishings, televisions as well as other accessories can properly fit in the space.

Furnish the Area

Some of the interior designers do the furnishing like painting and installing the flooring, renovating while some others hire professional individuals to do the work. That is a call that the client can take after proper discussions with the interior designer.

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