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Interior Designing Services in Kolkata and Eastern India

Interior Designing Services in Kolkata by Patina Design

As the leading Interior Designing Services in Kolkata and Eastern India, our main ambition is to provide the best services to you (our esteemed clients) and play a pivotal role in defining your dreams.

We make every interior space functional, beautiful, and safe through the determination of the specific space requirements as well as by selecting various decorative items, like lighting, colors, and materials. Our experts read blueprints and they are aware of the building codes and inspection regulations.

Primary Duties of Patina Design

Our experts perform the following duties for our respected clients:

 We determine the goals, dreams and evaluate requirements for the project

 We consider how space will be used as well as how people will move through space

 Our experts sketch the specific preliminary design plans

 Our duty is to specify the materials and furnishings, like lighting, wall finishes, furniture, flooring, and plumbing fixtures

 We prepare the final plans by using computer applications wherever required

 We create a timeline for the interior design project as well as estimate project costs

 We place the orders for materials as well as oversee installing the design elements

 We will visit after the project in order to ensure that the client is satisfied

 We work closely along with the architects, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, and builders in order to determine how the interior spaces will function, as well as the look and furnished.

Though some drawings or sketches may be freehand, generally, most of the time we use computer-aided design (CAD) software for most of our drawings. We improve the interior spaces in order to meet the needs as well as preferences of those spaces and inhabitants.

Interior Designing Services in Kolkata and Eastern India Include…

Assessing a Client’s Needs

At Patina Design, we meet our clients in order to examine the space as well as understand the client’s preferences and budget constraints. As an example, while remodeling a bathroom for a family we would meet along with the family members in order to determine their habits as well as to examine the colors, current lighting, and spatial relationships.

Creating a Plan and Specifications

We create a design plan and often use the computer-aided design (CAD) software. This particular plan is usually developed in the conjunction along with the client who is shown drawings as well as product samples for approval. After a rough design has been agreed upon, we estimate the costs as well as specifications that are drawn for the required furniture, artwork, flooring, and lighting.

Basically, a project timeline is also created at this point.

Ensuring that the Work is Completed on Time and on Budget

At the final stage, we oversee the implementation of the design, as well as we ensure that the timeline is met and the associated costs are kept within the budget.

After completion of the project, our expert designer meets with our respected clients in order to make sure that they are
happy and satisfied with the work.

We perfectly analyze our respected clients’ needs, as well as create plans and specifications, and also make sure that a project is completed in accordance with the budget and timeline.

At Patina Design, we value our clients. Make your dream a reality. Contact Us Today !