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Primary Responsibilities of Interior Designer in Kolkata

written by Interior Design Expert @ Patina Design August 27, 2017
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Any good and responsible interior designer in Kolkata or for that matter anywhere basically evaluates and designs the interior living and work spaces in order to make them appealing, functional, and well-suited as per the clients’ needs.

They should create various decorative layouts for different interiors, such as homes, medical facilities, office complexes, restaurants, places of worship, stores, airports and hotels.

The particular job is associated with color palettes, accessorizing the space along with window treatments, fabrics, wall hangings, flooring, and light fixtures and selecting appropriate furniture.

An efficient interior designer must interact and communicate effectively along with the clients in order to make sure the design matches the clients’ comfort, purpose and style.

Duties of an Interior Designer

  • They have to initiate, develop and coordinate all of the interior design projects in unification along with graphic designing, visual merchandising, store locations, and store design team
  • They should provide support for the visual merchandising objectives and goals
  • They should conceptualize and then execute creative ideas electronically or along with manual techniques
  • They should provide multiple concepts and ideas for the interior designing projects
  • They should research all reference materials in order to communicate ideas
  • They should present illustration through manually as well as electronically
  • They utilize AutoCAD and 3-D rendering programs and techniques in order to develop the architectural renderings for store design and architectural projects usage
  • They have to interpret, design and recommend architectural solutions through the selections of finish, as well as fixture alternatives, materials, and trendy interior design techniques
  • They have to develop and maintain relations with store design for the shared interior designing projects
  • They should develop the schematics and floor plans efficiently and clearly by defining furniture and display placement.

Important Responsibilities of an Interior Designer

The primary responsibilities of an interior designer are as follows:

Meet with Clients

One of the major responsibilities of an interior designer is associated with meeting with clients in order to discuss the appropriate decorating needs, room layout plans, as well as the functionality of a room or building.

They should be associated with effective communication skills so that they can understand what a client wants and thus they can successfully design a room in order to meet the client’s criteria.

Some of the clients are associated with a thorough understanding of their requirements. On the other hand, some of the clients are looking for suggestions and advice in order to help them to create a stylish space.

The interior designers perform their communication during the on-site meetings so that both of the interior designers and the client can easily visualize the space, as well as discuss materials, patterns, fabrics, colors, and furnishings.

Plan the Space

After seeing the living or work space and understanding the client’s intentions, the interior designers have to make an appropriate plan for designing and decorating the area.

An interior designer is considered more than an interior decorator.

The job of an interior designer revolves around mapping out the particular space in order to determine the location of furniture and as a whole, the overall room design.

Generally, the interior designers use various design software for analyzing the square footage and for creating efficient layouts.

The particular software also allows them to compare color palettes, visually evaluate patterns and fabrics (before they actually purchase those materials), and add furnishings.

Most of the times, the software programs’ results are shared with clients.

Interior Designer in Kolkata Purchases Furnishings

An interior designer purchases furnishings, as well as schedules delivery and coordinates installation.

The owner or the client is responsible for the cost involved with the purchases and services and the interior designers are responsible for the legwork that is essential to get the items ordered.

A vital responsibility is associated with taking the measurements in order to make sure that the appliances, light fixtures,
work desks, decorative furnishings, televisions and other accessories fit in the space.

If the furnishings don’t fit in the area, then they must return and reorder them until the client is happy and satisfied with the outcome.

Some clients may want to become a part of every purchase and every decorating decision but on the other hand, some other clients leave the decision-making to the interior designer.

Furnish the Area

Some of the interior designers do the labor of hanging wallpaper, painting, installing flooring and renovating. On the other hand, some others hire professional individuals to do the work.

Generally, the workload is discussed with the client before the actual services begin to be provided so that the expenses and budgets can be determined.

If an interior designer chooses to do the work by himself/herself, then he/she will be responsible for ensuring that the quality fulfills the client’s requirements and expectations.

Arranging furniture as well as installing appliances are tedious tasks, so the interior designers must be armed with sufficient manpower to put everything in place.

Daily Tasks for an Interior Designer in Kolkata

An Interior Designer’s day-to- day tasks are basically a variety in nature as well as their task is a well-balanced of creative, technological, and organizational skills.

Their duties include most of the following, if not all depending on the person or firm you hire for the job:

  • They should meet with various clients and other important individuals, such as architects or builders in order to discuss the requirements of the client.
  • They should develop designs according to a brief that is appealing, functional, and appropriate for space.
  • They should use design software (such as AutoCAD) in order to create models and visuals.
  • They are responsible for researching and preparing plans, as well as diagrams or sketches for interior constructions, finishes, materials, lighting, and furnishing.
  • They should select suppliers of materials and labour.
  • Estimate costs and submit quotes for client approval.
  • Inspect and supervise the work of trades people in order to ensure that safety and quality standards, costs and deadlines are met.
  • The interior designers should also develop and maintain the calendar for the execution of entire store design work in the given scope of responsibility.

Now that you know what are the primary duties and responsibilities of a good interior designer in Kolkata, you need to evaluate whether the one you are deciding to hire for the job is perfect for your needs.

Talk to them and you will have more clarity before the project starts. Do we fit your requirements? Get in touch with our experts today

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