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Turnkey Services in Kolkata and Eastern India by Patina Design

Turnkey Services in Kolkata

If you are looking for turnkey services in Kolkata or in places around, look no further! We provide expert solutions when it comes to turnkey projects.

Basically, this Design-n-build service is a turnkey project service especially for our clients who don’t have enough time for the nitty-gritty associated with interior designing.

Under this particular type of design, we take the complete responsibility for the interior designing services – including execution till we handover and after-sales service of your home/office.

In our turnkey services contract as the client you would need to only finalize the quality preference, such as type
plywood, hardware, wood, type of plumbing and so on as well as the finishing items, such as veneer, marble, tiles, laminate, light fittings, curtains etc.

Our main goal is to take a project in its entirety, from conceptualizing to the final handing over the key to you.

We basically work as PMC (Project Management Consult) for the interior decoration as well as also for the landscaping projects. We have already completed several interior and landscaping works for various bungalows, flats, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants etc.

We are associated with the experienced turnkey interior designers in and around Kolkata. We perfectly understand our client’s requirement as well as the appropriate design and plan the interiors accordingly.

Turnkey Service is a comprehensive interior design services in order to ensure a polished, cohesive, and systematic approach when defining, as well as refining a client’ personal style to different spaces. The turnkey interior design service is associated with various aspects.

Turnkey Services in Kolkata and Eastern India Package Includes

Space Planning

Space planning is considered as a fundamental element of the interior design process.

It begins with an in-depth and efficient analysis of how space is to be effectively used. We have experienced designers that draw up a perfect plan that defines the zones of space as well as the appropriate activities that will take place in those zones.

The particular space plan will also define as well as describe the circulation patterns that will show how the individuals are going to move through the space.

The particular plan is finished by adding the details of all the equipment, furniture, and hardware placement.

Color scheme and Fabrics, furnishings and fixtures:

We at Patina Design choose the appropriate color scheme that includes fabrics, furnishings, and fixtures as per our expertise, experience or according to the client’s suggestions.


Our turnkey experience and expertise requires analyzing different specifications, such as:

– Bathroom Specifications

– Custom Bedding Specification

– Furniture Specification

– Flooring Specification

– Lighting Specification

– Kitchen Specification

– Residential Specifications

– Wall Specification

– Luxury Space

– Window Treatments Specification

Turnkey Services in Kolkata include Architectural Drawings and Presentations

Creating modern and innovative interior design presentations (for clients) is one of our strengths.

Properly illustrating the overall design ideas is critical to enable the clients to visualize the space, the appropriate design, and their options.

Doing this part effectively and efficiently would help the clients have a better understanding. It would help the clients better visualize the value of the design as well as make the decisions that are essential in order to make the design a reality.

Custom upholstery and window treatments

The interior designers provide lots of services in order to help the clients to convert their house into their dream home. One
such kind of these services is custom upholstery. Upholstering the furniture can quickly update the feel and look of the overall space as well as save a significant amount of money.

Window treatments are regarded as one of the important aspects of interior designing. The appropriate curtains, shutters, or shades can turn any window into a magnificent focal point.

Detailed budget with furniture, fabric, finishes, lighting, paint, freight, delivery, and tax: The overall budget of an interior designing project depends on various aspects,
such as:

  • Flooring: ceramic tile, carpet, stained concrete slab, woods, vinyls, porcelains, natural
    stones. (Labour varies by type, pattern and size.)
  • Ceiling: paint, moldings, tin ceiling, wallpaper, stucco, decorative inlays.
  • Wall covering: paint, faux finish, wallpaper, wood panel, wainscoting, molding detail.
  • Window treatments: blinds, shades, curtains, decorative or functional.
  • Lighting: task, decorative, pots and fixtures.
  • Furniture: tables, sofa, chairs, and so on.
  • Fixtures: faucets, toilets, hardware, fireplaces.
  • Decorative accessories: artwork, mirrors, pictures, sculpture
  • New additions: new walls, millwork, conceptual architectural elements, and built-ins.

Other additional budget considerations are as follows:

  • Delivery costs
  • Shipping fees
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Demolition & removal
  • Labor costs
  • Design Consulting Fees
  • Applicable taxes

Patina Design’s turnkey services are designed to wow you and make your dream come true with minimal effort on your end. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us right now by using the Contact form