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Vastu Services in Kolkata and Eastern India

vastu services in kolkata

Looking for an all-round, experienced, and effective Vastu Shashtra services in Kolkata or around the City of Joy?

Then you have reached the perfect place.

Patina Design’s Vastu Services in Kolkata

Vastu Site Consultation

For Vastu consultation, we will provide you essential and necessary details regarding plot, site, soil etc. along with complete examination and scrutiny.

We have years of experience in this field and our projects include various organizations, such as corporate, hotels, restaurants, offices, residents etc.

Our expertise, experience, and complete dedication are associated with the welfare of mankind.

Our Site Consultation service includes a site visit, soil testing, analyzing typography, detailed examining the environment and direction.

The site consultation provides lots of benefits to the owner and architects and after our expert advice, they can interact about their plot and its associated defects for extracting maximum advantage.

Vastu Shashtra Services in Kolkata and Eastern India for Off Site Consultation

This is a thorough and in-depth consultation where clients send their house related reports (such as site map of their plot) along with marked direction over the internet in order to take further consultation.

Clients can contact us for details as well as discrepancies (if any) in their sent reports via phone or mail.

You can get more benefits with the particular service, as you can contact us as per your convenient time.

We understand your worries about your home (or plot) and so we provide all of our clients a complete and thorough report through the mail and if you want to meet us for discussing the matter deeply, then you are very much welcome in
our place.

Vastu Shashtra Services in Kolkata and Eastern India for Consultation and Reports

Our consultation is not only limited to site visiting or offline consultation, but we also provide the following:

Our experts prepare E-reports for your plots and these reports are sent via e-mail for convenient accessibility. It saves a significant amount of money and time.

Our Vastu report is associated with a detailed explanation about your site and it is prepared after a thorough and deep analysis of collected data (as per your submission).

We provide these E-reports to all of our respected clients who have consulted us through site consultation as well as online consultation or offsite consultation. We hope that our expertise, experience, and hard work will help you to get all the happiness of life through your house.

Our full Vastu consultations include:

  • Vastu advice for the selection of the plot
  • Vastu advice for the renovation of the building
  • Vastu advice for the construction detail
  • Commercial Vastu
  • Residential Vastu
  • Spiritual Vastu
  • Industrial Vastu
  • Vastu Dosh and remedies
  • Interior designing by Vastu Shashtra
  • Vastu for multi-storey buildings
  • Vastu services through plan of the area
  • Online Vastu
  • Vastu advice for landscaping
  • Vastu services through supervision

Other Vaztu Services in Kolkata and Eastern India

Patina Design also provides Maha Vastu consultation to our clients by which they can interact with our MahaVastu Expert in order to get a personalized consultation. We are associated with experienced and qualified consultants who are associated with a vast knowledge of MahaVastu. Our expert MahaVastu consultants will diagnose your problem as well as identify the maximum solutions for quick results.

Maha Vastu solutions are rarely associated with the structural changes as well as demolition. Our expert consultants will provide you practical and easy solutions in order to make your house (or plot) a Vastu-perfect.

The faults associated with Vastu can be easily corrected through using metal strips and color that should be inserted into the colored bulbs, floor, stones, art objects, paintings etc. We will suggest you these solutions after a complete and accurate Vastu Analysis.

Your surroundings should be a better place for living and we are always there to help you in order to achieve this goal.

Need a Vastu Check or Consultation. We are available 24×7. Contact us today.