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What is Vaastu Shashtra

written by Interior Design Expert @ Patina Design August 26, 2017
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Vaastu implies “to occupy” or “to dwell” and in Sanskrit, Vaastu means nature that implies an environment or a surrounding.

Vaastu Shastra is referred to a collection of guidelines that have been prescribed by various Rishis.

It is an ancient science and art that are associated with some practices and principles for constructing buildings that makes sure about a perfect harmonious balance between nature and human being by taking advantage of the Pancha Bhootas (namely Earth, Space, Air, Fire and water), the nature, as well as magnetic and gravitational effects, and the influences of the rotational bodies, such as Sun, Earth, Moon, and other planets on the living creatures in the Earth.

As a result, all round happiness, prosperity, health, and wealth can be brought up and maintained.

As per the Shastras, if human being worship, respect, and revere the Lords of the eight directions, then They will shower their blessings on mankind. The eight directions are as follows:

  • Esshan (that is Ishwar) (North-east direction): He gives us knowledge, wisdom, and provides all relieves and comforts to us from all kinds of sufferings.
  • Indra (East direction): He gives wealth along with all the happiness of life.
  • Agni (or Fire) (South-east direction): He showers on us extraordinary personality as well as all the best of life.
  • Yama (South direction): It is stated that He is the God of death as well as a personification of Dharma. He eliminates all the evils and blessings us all good things.
  • Nissan (or Niruti) (South-west direction): He gives us courage by eliminating the fear of all the enemies.
  • Varun (West direction): He is regarded as a God of rain. He gives His favor through the rain as well as brings pleasure and prosperity in life.
  • Vayu (Wind) (North-west direction): He blessings us for health, long life, and strength.
  • Kuber (North direction): He is regarded as a God of wealth and he gives us wealth as well as all the comforts of life.

Today, when the individuals are going to construct a house (or buildings), they spend more time for evaluating the minute details of the superstructure, foundation, look, appearance, comforts, and so on.

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